Classes For All Levels

Our classes are programmed for all levels of fitness. Beginner athletes, ex-gym rats, hikers, runners and experienced athletes. No matter what your background, our classes are infinitely scaleable and can provide results for every body. Let the power of the group inspire and encourage you. Positivity and support will keep you going and help you to reach your goals inside the gym and in your day to day life.

Functional Fitness

Each of our classes starts with a comprehensive warm-up and movement prep for the strength work and conditioning piece that day. After the coach lead warm-up, athletes move to the strength or skill work portion of the day, which works to develop your strength either with the barbell bodyweight strength, or skill work. Following the strength section, you’ll move to the workout of the day, a combination of functional fitness movements and high-intensity interval training. After the workout, you’ll finish out the class with accessory work and mobility to further strengthen your movement patterns.

Fitness Consultation

A great way to start your fitness journey, our private consultation includes setting goals, discussing limitations, sharing your personal fitness history and designing a fitness program that works for you and your schedule. Consultations are one hour and include a fitness assessment so come ready to sweat.

Lifting Intensive

Our powerlifting program designed to help you develop your foundational strength that will translate to all other elements of functional fitness. In this program, we focus on the bench press, deadlift, and back squat as well as a variety of accessory movements. The Lifting Intensive is 60 minutes long and moves at a slower pace. This class is designed to provide a strong foundation for heavier lifts.